Windows 7 HP Laptop Reboots to Safe Mode Screen


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Jan 9, 2009
I did an vista upgrade to Windows 7 Beta. Whenever I log off, restart, hibernate, switch users, or even shut down my HP Dv6815 my pc goes to the black screen asking me if i want to start windows normally or in safe mode. Anyone know why this is happening? Any suggestions PLEASE
I do have a suggestion...
you could type in 'msconfig' in the run command from the start menu.
then click click the boot tab & make sure safe boot is not automatically enabled... (in the boot options)
also make sure windows 7 is the only OS starting up...(above)
(if this is your case)

let me know if it helped...
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Thank You Randy

Thanks a BUNCH!!! I am at work until 11:30 tonight, but I am looking forward to trying your suggestion as soon as i get home. Thanks again. Its not always easy to find answers to my "newbie" questions, and i just wanted to thank you. I really hope it works. Can i get back to you if it does?
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