hp laserjet 1020 installation error

i have an hp laserjet 1020 and my windows 7 is not recognizing it. I tried to install it manually but during the installation process appears a massage saying 'make sure the printer is connected'. After that the installation fails.... can anybody help? thanks :(


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I have always had problems installing the HP LJ 1020. It was a mess with Vista and it's no better now. I downloaded the latest installation program and ran it with no luck. Then I was fiddling around and discovered the actual drivers in a temp folder. I went to system devices and told it to update drivers for the printer and directed it to the temp file. It worked.

I apologize for being so vague but I did it some time ago, didn't pay a lot of attention as I didn't expect it to work anyway. When I reinstall Windows7 I'll write down what I do.

thank you anyway! i agree with you that installing hp1020 drivers is a mess... I don't know why.... even if i have the installation disc i cant install those drivers. i have never used vista, but in xp i had not similar problems... Its a matter of time (i hope :)) for microsoft to solve the problem....


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It isn't a Microsoft problem. It's an HP problem. They don't seem inclined to fix it.

if all you want to do is print, and i'm not saying this will work.

Try LJ3 or LJ4 drivers. In many cases these work where others don't

i dont think that it is only an hp problem.... i have similar problems with installing my sound card drivers and some other programs... the installer stops working... thanks you all for helping me

So has anyone found a fix to this problem?
I've looked through this forum and I can't find anything that works.
I need my printer working!

Printer error with windows 7

I had HP 6122 deskjet. There is no dirver for this printer. So i downloaded 4 printers and drivers. I found one that worked but now I am not able to delete the ohter 3. Keep getting error message cannot delete printer in use. I get this message even when I remove the printer. I am not abe to remove the drivers/installation package. Can anybody help.



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We are talking about 32Bit?
The Vista drivers for the LJ1020 worked for me. But you must extract the files to a folder and install the printer through the "update driver" option in the Device Manager. This is only something I remember from the early builds, so maybe the later Os releases have changed this ability. In the end, I decided I was totally commited to Windows 7 and invested in a more up to date model. Basic printers, even lasers, are so cheap today I honestly recommend that as you best option.

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