Windows 7 HP LaserJet 1020 won't network print


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Hello all,

I have 2 laptops, one running xp pro, and the other xp home. My desktop has win7 rc 7100. So far I have no problems connecting and sharing files between all 3 computers. Biggest problem i'm running into is printing from either of my laptops. I can print locally no problem. I used the vista x64 driver with a manuel install. Works flawless. I also went into printer properties: sharing: additional drivers and added the x86 driver for xp from hp. On the laptops i deleted all other instances of my laserjet 1020. add new printer, networked, browse.. found printer. Install. The install went WAY quicker than it used to when all 3 were xp. So i went to printer properties on the laptop and it said that the driver was not installed. So i went to hp got the xp driver and put it on hard drive than browsed for the driver it was looking for and installed. Tried to print a test page and it said that windows explorer needs to shut down wanna send an error report. (yes) did same thing on both computers. So i was like, ok well maybe i'll put the vista driver on. same thing. then i was like ok well let's try the x64 one. It wouldn't install (obviously) said architecure was wrong. (i knew it would but i was hoping)

so now i'm stuck. I have no idea what else to do. From my searches everyone is having problems connecting to networks and printers. I'm not having a problem connecting. In fact when i go to the print spooler locally it says that i have (had) 3 documents to print. (I cancelled them all) So I don't know.

a quick side note. when i had vista on the desktop it did the exact same thing. But if i just left the documents and restarted my desktop it would print the documents when windows reloaded... strange huh??? I haven't tried that with win7 yet.

Any ideas???:confused::confused: