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My first post here. I have a PC repair business and a customer gave me a HP G60. Well he gave it to me in a box completely dis-assembled. Literally in every part of a laptop sitting there. Well, The PC was having over heating trouble like most HP's have so he took it apart to fix the fan. Well I had to put it back together for him which took me just and hour and a half. But i started to run the computer to test out any bug like USB not working ect. Well after two hrs of running a Malwarebytes from HBCD it over heated and shut down. Ugh. What can I do to help this guy and other customer and my wife's computer from the PC from Bombing. And my wifes HP run hot but it doesn't freeze under normal use just when I use my AV scans. But a normal use the CPU can get up to 180 deg F. I really dont think There is anything that can be done honestly.




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I'm sure you blew out all the fan's and intake and exhaust ports. You could try to remove the cpu fan and clean off the thermal compound and reapply and change out the cpu fan while your at.

I did all of the above. new fan, cleaned the heat sinks new paste and then reassembeled. still over heats and shuts off after about two hrs. I only found out that it shuts down because when I went to start it up to check to see if every thing worked did I find out that it had a Trojan that had a fake Av program wanting money to remove the virus it put there. since the Trojan blocked all executables I could not run proper AV software. so with the help of HBCD I started mini XP to get to malewarebytes. In the middle of a full scan it shut down. and it was hot. the only solution I can think of is to under clock the CPU.

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