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Sorry about the misspelled word printer in topic heading but I cannot correct it.

As posted on the HP Forum HP will not released drivers or new software for Windows 7 until January 2010 due to problems.

They state to use the Windows 7 generic printer driver which will leave you with a lot of missing functions for your printer.

Presently there is not a specific date in January yet for the release but I have installed 23 HP printers with all functions using the Windows 7 Compatibility Mode Vista (remember you must have the current updated drivers and software from HP). If you have already installed the HP printer you must uninstall all to include drivers, and software before reinstalling to prevent any conflicts. If you have the old HP Printer Solution Center make sure you update to the newest one.

Follow the same instructions as if you were installing the printer out of box, ie, do not turn printer on or connect USB device until you are asked to on the screen. Make sure you connect the USB device to the printer first and then the computer. DO NOT attempt to set up wireless until all is installed and working first.

The only problem I have encountered and is also on the HP Forum is Iris the scan program for HP printers is not saving documents to the computer in certain formats but since I use OmniPage I did not delve into this issue.

After you have all installed and check that they work then proceed to install and connect the wireless if your HP printer supports this.

Of course anyone can wait and wait and wait until HP finally releases all so your printer will work with all functions. My printer works fine with on line printing or off line except for the minor HP Iris scan problem.

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All I can say is HP is very bad about not updating drivers for older equipment. They prefer you buy new stuff.

I am currently using an HP scanner they would not write Vista drivers for, but by using the compatibility mode, the scanner works fine. Vista drivers should work fine in Win 7 if you can get them to install. You may have to install or run them in compatibility mode, but otherwise, there should not be much difference.

HP Printers

My printer is one of the newer HP wireless printers so it is not just older models. On the HP forum it seems to be every model they make has no Win 7 drivers or software and just a statement to use Windows 7 generic printer driver and using that none of the features work except print and that is spotty also.

Someone keeps posting as a user that HP did not receive the Win 7 coding in time. Yup, I guess all the other printer makers must have preferential treatment from MS because they all have Win 7 drivers and software. Everyone received the coding in July and August so HP just does not treat their consumers and are making excuses now stating they are having problems. I know this as I am a OEM partner and I doubt MS would send me the info before sending it to HP.


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Funny, I have an older (3 years) HP Deskjet D2345 printer and HP kists drivers and software for both 32 bit and 64 bit Win 7.
I tried to install them on Win 7 RC and got an error message stating that HP didn't support beta software.
I recently installed Win 7 Home Premium and the drivers/software installed flawlessly and runs fine.

All this was over a month ago (when I downloaded the Win 7 drivers), at that time I was using the RC.


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What printer model are you using, and 32 or 64 bit Windows 7?

Hp printers

According the the HP Forum and their HP printers there is a notice that "HP printer drivers and software will be released in January 2010 and a special notice to use the Win7 default generic printer driver until then". Since HP posted this to their forum one would believe it was true. From the posts on their forum it appears there are many printers that will not work on Win7. I seriously doubt with the amount of posts that it is a user issue and since HP posted a special notice I would tend to believe the posts.

If your driver and software worked then you are one of the lucky ones. I had to use compatibility mode to get my HP printer to work on 32 bit Win7. HP software even updated has minor bugs yet, such as the printing queue does not show what you enter to be printed, ie, enter 5 it might come out as 155 in the queue even though the printer only prints 5. There is no window unless one goes to the queue to see the count which most other printer software has. In a office environment it would be ideal to know where the print number is at specially printing a large amount of pages or if one needs to cancel the print job not having to go through hoops to get to the print queue.

As far as speed and ink use, I consider HP to be below par compared to other printers of inkjet variety. I have yet to get 600+ copies (even using their XL cartridge) with draft fast. Now the good part unless one does some configuring the current HP software is not even compatible with Windows Office 2007 as one has to use Office 2003 compatibility. Not a big deal but still one more step added to get a doc to print. I learned this trying to save a scanned Iris doc to Office 2007 and not being able to save it unless it was Office 2003 compatible.

Well I bought a HP printer so I must live with it but where there is a will there is a way and at least this printer works with Linux openSUSE actually better than it does with Win7 LOL.

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