HP PS-8750 Always Offline

Hi all,

I'm having a few teething problems with Windows 7, the lastest of which has got me stumped :confused:

My HP printer has been working fine with 7 for a good month or so. The drivers installed automatically, which was nice, and it worked straight away. So far so good.

Then all of a sudden, and apparently out of the blue, it simply didn't print. The jobs are queued, but it just doesn't print the goodies. All other printers (I have 3) still work fine.

The HP 8750 appears as Offline in the Devices and Printers section of CP and I can't figure out how to put it back online. I've tried setting is as default, but no joy. Also tried troubleshooting it in Win7 but again no joy. There seems to be no option to set it online again.

It seems like it should be so simple to sort out, but I'm out of ideas. Can anybody offer any help or advice?

Much thanks in advance if you can.

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