Windows 7 HP Scanjet 6200c


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May 6, 2009
This device worked fine on my XP64 pc but now it doesnt. Of course i have tried to install the software in compatibility mode for both xp sp2 and sp3 but it refuses to let me saying that this software is not supported by this operating system. Its a pain but not critical. I have placed the updated XP drivers and software in the [x86] program files folder and run it from there but still no glory. Anyone got any tips or should i just wait for some updates in the future. I have a laptop also, running windows7 32bit, but haent tried it on that yet. Thanks
Use Vuescan

If you want to use many old scanners on anything after XP and they will not install in compatibility mode(s), you must default to Vuescan scanner software which covers almost all of them. It can be run as a trial for as long as you want, but adds a watermark to scans until you buy it. They have gotten 170,000 new customers since Vista.

I have tried everything else on Vista and Win7 for a HP6200c and but there is no known workaround as a Google search will prove.

However some old scanners will install flat out in Win7, or in compatibility mode, as I discovered with my Scanwit 2720S using Windows 2000 mode, and while will not install at all in Vista.
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XP drivers are definitely not going to work.

That's all I could found related to that scanner.

Scanners and so cheap and quality is 100% better than older ones.

I go for a new scanner and research the company for Windows 7 support.
it worked

Thanks for the heads up, it works a treat now in XP SP2 mode and I was able to stop the watermarks too. thanks again

hi its been a long time and i think all i did was download and install vuescan. it may have been from a torrent site, i cant remember i may still have it some where but i have re formatted a few times so it may be lost , let me know if you want a copy i may have it no guarantees.
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