HP4100 Printer - Windows 7 Spooler crashes

Discussion in 'Windows 7 Networking' started by Evil Turnip, Dec 22, 2009.

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    After hijacking another thread !!! or so that user claims ... ill start my own thread off to see if anyone can help. Thanks in advance

    Hi....stumbled across this forum hoping someone can help

    10 Windows 7 PC / Laptops
    1 2003 Storage Server running the print spooler
    10 HP4100 printers

    The problem ... the print spooler on windows 7 keeps hanging whilst trying to talk to these printers. Maybe all day, maybe after a week...no pattern but its a big issue we have here and our new desktop windows 7 roll out has been halted because of this really annoying bug.

    You have to re start the spooler locally to get the thing to print again

    Numerous drivers have been tried the HP universal ones which are dire !, The hp 4100 PS , the HP4100 PCL 6 they all do it they all stop the print spooler in its tracks.

    Anyone any ideas ? mapping directly to the printers is a no no due to whats the point of having a print server if you map directly to it and having over a 100 windows 7 clients all mapping directly to the printer will just kill it.

    I hope somone can help before I really fall out with windows 7

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    Actually RAK, was kinda right, and you did sorta high jack that thread. Now, to your issue, it may be more of a port or port configuration issue than an actual driver issue. If you are using HP JetDirect / JetAdmin software to create a port, check their site I believe they have a brand spanking shiney new version which may help you deal with this issue. If you are not using it, maybe you can try and see if it helps. If you are using "simple tcp printing" perhaps switching the port to "LPR" and giving it a port name like "PORT1" might help. Finally going back to maybe, after 15 or 20 attempts at finding a driver that works, take a look at the printer properties and see if there is an opportunity to uncheck "use bidirectional support" and if so try unchecking it. Just some thoughts

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