HP5150 driver updates with Win7

the update drivers for HP5150 printer were supposed to be included with Win7 OS cd.

i cannot find where the ink level option is?

it worked just great with i used it with XP.

anyone know how i can get to this option?
if the option is no longer available...sad if that is so

can i put in the original cd with drivers and select the toolbox option or whatever the file name is
to get this ink level option?


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Hello, and welcome to the forums (if you haven't already been welcomed ;)) :)
Try opening the start menu and typing "HP" to see if there are any HP control panels or utilities firstly.

i clicked start and searched for HP...nothing shows
now what?

Joe S

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There is no need to make multiple posts on the same problem it won't get you an answer any faster.


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Head on over here and see if you can find the latest driver for the 150 and post it here, it's possible you're downloading the driver only, without the software infrastructure.


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On my Epson printer, it is listed under General-preferences. It is not currently active, so as Mitchell_A mentions, you may need additional software.

It might also depend on just what HP decided to put in the Win 7 drivers. Take note, there are two properties options for most printers, use the one in the middle of the menu, not the bottom, or the preferences option.

HP 5150 driver problem

i only posted multiple postings for my HP5150 problem because one was asking about ink levels and the other was about duplexing. but i guess the driver problem may solve both these issues.

you said to head on over to here...but you did not provide a link. can you post it?

I did some looking around on line and found a file "dot4patch_reboot.exe" but the download button indicated it was for drivers of those going from Vista to Win7. I wnet from XP-Win7.
would that matter?

i found another file "driverfetch_setup.exe" which i gather encompasses several drivers.
would this help me?

would it be okay for me to try either of these, but set a restore date just in case they do not do the trick?



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My mistake ;)
HP Canada Support & Drivers
Try finding the latest drivers first.
DriverFetch is just another driver updater which will likely screw you out $50 to tell you there's no drivers for what you want :\


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Don't See Driver For Windows 7 ( 64 Bit) For This Printer

I see a Windows 7 Driver 32 bit for this printer.....


thank you celestra
but i need 64bit....

very interesting name. unusual and is in my family tree lineage.
could you be connected to Defoes?

thanks mitchell.
i had found that site also.
and that is where i downloaded one of the files i mentioned in a previous post.
the one where is says it is :
software patch for upgrade from vista to win7.
but i had this printer originally on my xp.
i wonder if this file will do the trick.
very difficult to get any replies from Windows people.


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I'd try contacting HP support instead of Microsoft, just because it's really HP's problem.
But as Celestra stated, since there only appears to be a 32-bit driver, you might be up the river without a paddle. (Unless of course HP is developing a 64-bit driver now, [what's the chances;)])

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