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    Visual Studio is a comprehensive tool for building everything from modern, responsive websites, to corporate intranet portals or even cross-platform Apache Cordova apps, all using web standards and your development skills with HTML, CSS, JavaScript or TypeScript languages - learn more here.

    We've also got powerful debugging capabilities such as Browser Link, and an extensible platform where extension creators can make your experience even better such as what Web Essentials extension brings to our community.

    In this session this will be your opportunity to do a live Q&A with the Visual Studio product team that works on these code editors, extensions and debugging experience.


    • Mads Kristensen, with expertise in Visual Studio HTML/CSS editors and design/debug features such as Browser Link. Also the creator of Web Essentials.
    • Damian Edwards, with expertise in the full ASP.NET framework stack, and extensive knowledge of real-time communication technology SignalR
    • Ryan J. Salva, with expertise in the Visual Studio JavaScript Editors, TypeScript language and cross-platform mobile app development using Visual Studio with Apache Cordova

    To read more on this check out the Visual Studio Blog.

    Moderated by Seth Juarez of Channel9

    Please join us April 9th, at 10am PDT. See you then!


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