huge problem installing windows 7 on a formatted hard drive.

alright. here's my problem.

i originally had windows xp. i had tons of trouble installing windows 7 64 bit on a windows xp 32 bit system. i took out some ram as i saw that having more than 2g of ram on an older motherboard (i have a nvidia 750i). then i was told to make iso's of all this stuff. when i couldn't figure anything out i decided to take out my software hard drive and put it into an external drive casing. i reformatted the hard drive that way figuring i could just do a fresh install on a new hard drive.

i did that and it was popping up with an error saying it was missing a windows file. at the time i had both hard drives hooked up. so i unplugged one hard drive and now it's popping up still saying there's an error and windows failed to start.

i have not idea what to do. here are my specs; 2gigs of ram and the hard drive is a wd caviar black 500. i'm not sure if there's a setting in my bios or if i need to format the drive again since it was plugged in originally with 2 hard drives or what. but it's a newly formatted drive so i would assume that it would install with no problems like on a new computer.

any help with this would be greatly appreciated.


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What is the source and media of your Windows 7 installation files?

It is a windows 7 64 bit installation disk I


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then i was told to make iso's of all this stuff
What were you trying to make an ISO of?
Were you booting from the install disk?
Were you running an upgrade or a clean install?

i saw that you needed to burn an iso of the disk. but instead of doing that i formatted the drive using my laptop and an external hard drive casing. now the drive is completely cleared.

i plugged that hard drive along with my hard drive that holds all of my files and put in the install disk for windows 7. that's when it popped up with a missing file error.

after that i unplugged the secondary hard drive and just now have the blank hard drive in there. and it gives me an unexpected error that says it could have been from a recent hardware or software change.

i'm not sure if i need to re-format the hard drive or if there's a problem in my bios. i figured since it was a freshly formatted drive it would be just like doing a fresh install on a new computer and wouldn't have any problems.


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If your hard drive is empty and you have a bootable dvd of a Windows 7 install disk then it should be that simple. Have you set your bios to boot from the optical drive? If the install reports a missing file when it runs then it would appear that the install disk has a problem and you should return to your retailer with it to have it checked out.

it is set to boot from the cdrom first then the hard drive. i'm going to try and re-format it since i had it the first time plugged in with both hard drives. and i'll take it to just having 1g of ram in and see how that goes.thanks.

still doesn't work.

i placed my hard drive into an external hard drive enclosure and plugged it into my laptop. i re-formatted the drive, plugged it back into my computer with 1g of ram and tried to boot the install disk. didn't work.same here. it asks what i want to run and i select the windows install set-up, then says windows is installing files, then says set-up failed to start.

status: 0xc0000225

an unexpected error occured.

any other ideas that could be the problem?? i really don't want to have to take this thing to the computer store here and have them fix it. i have a website i'm working and a photo shoot this week so i need it up and running asap.

I checked the specs on everything and it all seems right. I have an intel core 2 duo e6400 L9T9 and is said it was a 64 bit processor. I also saw that windows 7 would install with 1g of ram. my local computer store charges $69 to diagnos the computer.

Enable APIC (Advanced Programmable Interrupt Controller) in the bios.


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After you boot from the installation disk can you get to the point where you can format the drive? If so, try deleting the partition on the drive and create a new one. You can select the size of the partition. Use the default which is usually the max size of the drive. Windows 7 will create 2 partitions, then format the second partition. Leave the first smaller partition alone. Windows reserves that partition. After the format be sure you highlight the 2nd partiton and start the installation. If you're still having a problem try resetting your bios by taking the battery out and back in or if you're leary of that check your memory settings in the bios and set them to auto. You can usually load the default settings in your bios too. Be sure you know what options you have set in your bios before resetting it in case you have a need for them.

Windows 7 prefers to install to a raw unformatted hard drive partition. Disconnect all other hard drive other than the one you want to install Windows 7 on, set DVD drive as First Boot Device in the mobo BIOS and Save.

Reboot and let install begin, when you're at the Advanced Screen, delete all partitions and create about a 48-64 GB partition and let Windows 7 install to it. Don't format the partition, Windows 7 will do it automatically.

Enable APIC (Advanced Programmable Interrupt Controller) in the bios.
that was it! thanks a lot. saved my life with that one. should i keep it enabled or disable it now that windows 7 is installed?

[langtitle=sv]Re: huge problem installing windows 7 on a formatted hard drive.[/langtitle]

[lang=sv]När jag skulle installera windows 7 på min netbook (utan cd/dvd-rom) kopierade jag bara över filerna från skivan till den externa hårddisken med en annan dator sen satte jag i externa hårddisken via usb till min netbook och startade med den externa hårddisken så kopierades alla filer som behövdes för att installera på den interna hårddisken hur enkelt som helst vissa filer gick inte att kopiera men det är bara att hoppa över :) hoppas detta hjälper någon i alla fall[/lang]

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