Huge problems whit Internett (plz help)

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    Hello, im having some serius problems whit my internett connection at the moment,
    It all started whit my old setup. i had an asus m2n-e sli motherboard and installed windows and all worked perfectly, but some days later when i start my machine i get the message: unable to connect to the internett, but it connects to my rutermodem, but i just cant get no internett connection, ive god so tired of this that i build a new rig for windows 7, and formated everything, and reinstalled windows 7 on my new systems, works like a dream, then now about 6 days later i get the same problem!

    I just cant understand what the problem is, we got 3 machines here, all running w7 and connected to same ruter, and im the only one whit this problem, i also got a friend of mine whit the same motherboard and he got no problems at all?

    My system:

    Motherboard: Asus Maximus ii formula p45 Socket 775
    Cpu: Intel Q9950
    GFX: Gainward 8800gt 1gb
    Soundboard: Xfi Supreme FX
    Network controller: Marvell yukon 88E8056
    Ram: 4gb of Kingstone 1066mhz DDR2
    os: Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit

    So the only way i can get internett on this machine now is to go to device manager and delete the nettwork addapter, then find new hardware and then it works untill i restart my pc?

    Also What ive done is:

    Updating to the newest network controller driver, and the one before that whitout luck. then i run the microsoft security essential virus scan, and it only found the trojan: Trojan:win32/Orsam!rts, I quarantine this one whitout luck, same problem

    I realy cant get whats wrong, my best guess is a virus, but get it on a new machine right after fresh install? and the virus controll cant find nothing. i also run the latest windows updates whitout luck.

    So it cant be the motherboard since ive changed it, and same problem (and yes i have formated the pc completly and freshly installed w7)

    List of other problems installed on my pc:

    Photoshop cs3
    sony veges 9.0
    mirc (for use whit gaming, havent clicked any links on it)
    spotify (music program)
    windows mail
    Utorrent (tho i havent downloaded a single file after reinstall)
    Magicdisk (for mounting iso files)
    Office 2007

    Thats all the programs i have installed atm, and i havent been into any suspicius sites, just normal online newspapers sites her in norway witch i know is secure.
    so i realy dont think its virus either.

    Any 1 got any ides? thanks.

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    its not virus related, it seems to be a comming problem in windows 7 64bit
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    The logs mentioned in the link listed on my tagline may give you some indications of something that is causing problems.

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