Windows 8 HybridBoot: The Secret to the 8 Second Boot Time


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I recently published a commentary/news video listed here about Windows 8 boot times.

People have been arguing ever since. One guy even claims he hasn't updated his computer ever since installing Windows 7 to improve his boot time. Too bad he has missed out on stability and reliability updates, including a bazillion security updates.

But the fact of the matter is that the Windows 8 feature currently being displayed in this video is HybridBoot, the new feature that will come with Windows 8 which allows core operating system files to be suspended while other files get shut down.

Here is an image of the HybridBoot option in one of the latest builds:


The system also uses an SSD. My Sandy Bridge i5 with a SATA-3 SSD from crucial doesn't boot in 8 seconds. It comes out of standby in about 2. The same goes for my main tower, which has 6 SATA-2 SSDs in a RAID-0. No 8 second boot. HybridBoot was probably used in the video. It is unfortunate most of the users on YouTube are arguing about nonsense.
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