I am confused. 32 to 64bit ?

I got a discount price on a win7 upgrade cause I am in college. I had 32bit vista. I chose the 64bit win7 upgrade cause my pc can handle it easily. I understand to go from 32 to 64 a clean install is needed. So today I did the upgrade, and thought I did a clean install. I have two hard drives and chose the c:/ drive that vista was installed on. So I was assuming I would have a fresh c: drive with nothing but the os on it but I have 70 of 330gb free. All my music, pictures etc is still there along with a program files, program files (x86), a windows and a windows.old file. I backed up all my files I needed before the upgrade. Can i delete the files left over from vista or will it mess with the win7 upgrade. I would like to have my hard drive space back. Thanks in advance.

You can delete the Windows.old file, it only contains the old Vista files since you didnt format the drive before install, but as a note, the best way to clean-install is to boot from the DVD, formatting the hard drive then installing Windows, not doing what you did by selecting a drive that already had Windows on it, you should format the drive first, it makes for better performance.


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You can use disk Cleanup to remove Windows.old and some of the other logs and files held over from the install. They are normally listed near the bottom, and just check the ones you want to remove.

If you check the hidden system files, you will see some in this form: $xxxxxx.~x

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