Windows 7 I can connect to my XP laptop with Win7, but the laptop doesn't see the Win7 machine


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May 24, 2009
I have Win7 on my pc, and I can get files from my XP laptop just fine, but the XP laptop doesn't see my Win7 machine. How can I fix this?

Thanks all!
pick a folder, any folder, and then rightclick it and hit PROPERTIES, then the SHARING tab, then ADVANCED SHARING and you should be able to sus it from there.

Also, check your firewall settings. You can either share it to everybody, or create a user in the control panel with the same name and password of your XP login if you want to be a bit more security savey!

Let me know if that doesnt fix it but thats the first step
oh and when I say any folder I mean the one you want to access, I just just trying to sound like Paul Daniels (UK joke that sorry people)
I've actually done that all ready, before I posted. It didn't show up on my XP machine
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