I can't delete folder either?


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I started talking about this in someone else's post.
But I'm about to just give up and live with it, but I thought I give it one more shot to see if anyone has any other ideas.

I have tried everything to delete this folder.

Take Full Admin Control, nothing happens.

Unlocker, Says it is deleted but it's still there.

Safe Mode same as Regular Mode, says I don't have permission when it's got something in it, and that it can't be deleted because it isn't empty when it is empty.

Command Prompt: Says it can't find it when I try and delete it even though it shows it when I type Dir D:\ it is in the list. Actually it says it can't find 003, the file is named 003 Michael's Files. Maybe it can't deal with the long file name.

For some reason my computer won't boot to my Ubuntu disk the startup process just stops and nothing happens, it always worked before my recent restore of my hard drive. So I can't use that to remove it.

The folder works normally I can move files and folders in and out of it.
But I can't rename of delete it.

Anyone have any other Ideas, if not I guess I'll just have to keep it which isn't really a problem, it's just that I hate to lose the fight with Windows!!!


Joe S

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The share/permissions now can be a real pain. Did you also try taking ownership? XP could be finicky about names with spaces and punctuation. Did you try renaming the file? Instead of a space use the underline _ and get rid of the coma.


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It won't let me rename it either.
I tried logging in as administrator and that didn't help either.

Yes I tried taking ownership too.

I've tried everything I know of.



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I was going to suggest (Puppy) Linux, but looks like you've been down that route! :(


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Yes, I don't know why my Ubuntu disk won't boot, it always did before the recent Windows restore?
I always used it for stuff like this.

Maybe I will have to make a new disk.

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