I can't install Windows 7 ( or any other OS )

Hi, I recently bought a new PC specs:

Gigabyte 770T/USB3
ATI Radeon HD 5670
AMD Phenom II X4 ( Quad Core ) 3.2 Ghz ( Stock speed )
2 Gig Generic Ram
Gigabyte Superb PSU 550W
500G HDD ( Unsure of brand )

When I tried to install Windows from a CD it froze and different parts every time I made an attempt to install, with default BIOS setting it made it to the starting windows screen, with everything disabled (USB2/3 , Floppy and other integrated peripherals ) and it made it past he Install now screen and it froze on "Setup is starting" I tried a Windows XP disc it froze, I tried Ubuntu if froze... I tried windows 7 from a USB flash drive... It froze.... Please help ASAP :(


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If it is still in warranty, I would contact the company. It almost sounds like you have memory or CPU problems.

Have you run Memtest? Maybe take out one stick of RAM and try only one at a time, or swap them around. If it is under warranty, you might want to do that before you start messing around. Memory is very susceptible to static electricity damage.

Fixed it... I upped the RAM voltage to 1.7 from 1.5 volts works fine

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