I Cant Pin programs to the taskbar

it has the option to do so but when i click it nothing happens. before this when i could pin programs it said that windows is using too much ram and that my computer is slow, wich it is not. :mad:

can someone help.


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Do not post asking for help in the discussion forum. I have moved your thread to Windows 7 Support.

Thanks for moving it then. But i would really need some help with this issue, as i am trying to find more options than a re-install.


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Right click on the Taskbar.

Click on Properties.

Click on Toolbars.

Make sure that Quick Launch is checked.

Pick a Program you would like to add to the Task Bar, right click on it''s Icon.

See if the option Pin to Taskbar is available.


mm.PNG Hi mike. When i go to the toolbars tab there is only Desktop option nothing else, and yes when i right click on a program it has the option to pin it but it does nothing. And when i open the start menu the latest used programs are not there, only in all programs. no..PNG

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This just happen recently? There is a setting in Start Menu properties that can have the Recent Items show (there) or not. Still, there is enough stuff missing that I would suggest malware or corruption in the Registry. Run Malwarebytes, sfc /scannow & chkdsk /r/f. Depending on things after that or beyond that would consider Sys Restore or Repair from the OS disc before, feeling like a Rebuild is necessary. Regards, Drew


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Hi Again

I just noticed when I right click on the task bar the top selection is Toolbars.

Do you have that?

There is a place to select Quick Launch there.

It's weird that you only have the Desktop option in the menu image you posted I have 6 options there.

Some that don't even have anything to do with my computer like Tablet PC Input Panel.


sfc /scannow found no results, running malwarebytes now

ololololololo.PNG i have the "toolbars" but only language options and desktop in there.

malware bytes found "RiskWare.tool.ck"


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Check out this post...


I downloaded Yamicsoft Windows 7 Manager (30 dayTrial Version, Free) Install it and open it, then on the left side I went to (Customize System) Then (Taskbar) (Top Right).

Then look for the tweak that says (Diasable TaskBar Pinned Programs) Check it and click save. Don't panic when all the icons in the taskbar vanish, then UN check the same box and hit save.

The icons return and you'll regain the function to pin to the taskbar. It also restores the "Pin To Start Menu" and The "Pin To Taskbar Feature"

Optimize, tweak, clean, speed up and repair Windows 7 - Windows 7 Manager

and download the 32 bit or 64 bit verson.

The program is free for 30 days.

i'll try it

it did not help, thanks anyway mike. :)

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