i can't play movies properly on my laptop when my AC charger isn't plugged in. worked fine on Vista

when my laptop is plugged in i can play movies, games, everything fine. however when the laptop isn't plugged in, movie playback is terrible- all jumpy and broken, no matter what video player i use. usually, movies will play fine until the battery drops to around the 50% level. i've played around with different power management settings, but nothing seems to make a difference.

also (not sure if these two issues are related), occasionally (because my laptop is almost always plugged in) the laptop won't charge when plugged in. this only happens sometimes, and not every time the laptop is off the charger. hovering over the power management icon, i get (for example) '69% available, Plugged in, not charging' even though the AC charger is plugged in. it takes a few hours before it starts charging.

because my laptop is mostly plugged in, neither of these are big issues. however it does suck immensely sitting in an airport after having had a flight delayed, with a HD full of quality video, but not being able to watch anything.

this problem has persisted even though i've replaced the charger. i know it seems like a battery issue, but because i never had this problem on Vista, i'm thinking it may be related to win7 somehow?

any thoughts?

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