I can't watch netflix on my pc....

a couple weeks ago, I watched netflix on my pc without problem, but
I CAN'T watch it now. I clicked on the movie I wanted watch but it won't even start,
It diesn't matter any movie I tried several movies but it didn't start.
without knowing I might changed setting or erase something??? please help me:confused:

Thanks. but my account is not expired... netflix help says " it is working fine but your PC..."
any other solutions?


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All I might suggest is to log into your account and try re-authorizing the computer.

If that doesn't help, maybe changing the video quality or some other setting might help.

Are you limited by your ISP for downloading?


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Can you give us a little more information:

1. What browser are you using? (Try on a different browser eg: IE, Firefox, Chrome etc...)

1.1 Read about netflix problems on Microsoft: Known issues and limitations for Netflix on Windows Media Center for Windows Vista

2. Can you do a system restore to the time it was working?

3. Have you installed any drivers and\or updates between the time it was working and now? Did you use any registry cleaners? If so, undo the changes.

4. Download and install the latest versions of your audio, video and network adapter drivers. Video display or audio glitches can occur if you have outdated or incorrectly functioning hardware device drivers.

5. Are you getting some "e r r o r - code"? If so, what is it? Also, what was the whole message from the Netflix help?

6. Are you using wireless connection? If so, that might be the problem. If not, you may need to ask your ISP how to open ports.

7. Some have reported virus the cause of this. Run a scan and make sure your AV is updated and working properly.

These are just starters...

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Thank you. Since I don't know much about PC... if you teach me one by one, it will be very helpful...

1. I use IE, but your suggestion is use something else, ok i will try it.
1.1 I don't think I have read this one but, most "help" I just don'r really undesrtand HOW to do those tricks...
2. This I think I( know how but I haven't tried so, I will do this.
3. Yes I downloaded and installed some DVD burning kind of software but I couldn't use it right so I uninstalled some but
still some in my pc i gues..should I uninstalled it?
4. This one I don't know how to do it, Imean how do I know which one is the right driver that I supposed to use? I'm using window 7
5. I don't get an error code. when I clecked play button it doesn't happen anything. picture doesn't come out.
6. Yes I'm using wireless connection and I changed provider just a couple days ago. I haven't watch netflix about a month so I don't
know this would be the reason though...PC is working no problem, just can't watch netflix. I can watch you tube too.
7.My AV is working properly.

I think this is JUST somthing small , but I just don't know about PC. I hope you still reply me based on my answer. Thank you so much.


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I don't think it's the drivers issue so you can rest there for now. I suspect the wireless connection with the new ISP.

I won't use "big" words... :)

1. What is your Internet speed that you were provided by your ISP?
2. How many green bars do you see on your connection indicator when you are connected? Do you get a strong signal? (If no, try moving to another location and try it there)
3. Do you have a wireless internet card that you slip into your computer or do you use the built in wireless Internet of the computer?

I suggest that you call your ISP and ask them this exact question. Others have done that and the ISP was the problem. You might need different hardware that they will explain to you.

Thank you for your continue support.
1. high spped internet ( rep that I talked to , she said this one I can watch movie with no problem)
2. I think I'm getting good connection.
3. ? I'm using wireless router but my main PC is connecting with wire so shouldn't be a problem.

I'm calling my ISP now.
I want to try system restore but I don't know HOW. I even tried to see the instruction but there's the part that
I have to punch in " create system restore point" that one I don't know what to punch in....NO IDEA, it doesn't show me anything
to show me what and how.... could you tell me ? if you know? my os is windows 7.

OK, I don't know how did it happen but, that was something to reinsatall 'SILVERLIGHT" thing...my son was accidently? fixed it.
but yes like you said, I still don't know why but I still can't see it with IE but firefox.... and I talked to ISP but it wasn't their problem
anyway....problem solved. Thank you sooooooo much for your support. I truly appriciated it.

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