Windows 7 I dont know what is wrong -freezing locking up and restarting


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May 15, 2013
I have searched the web for different answers onthis. It looks like on most of the post people posted issues and logs specificto them. So I do apologize if this is reposted.

I am currently trying to work on my grandma'scomputer. She said she recently had a virus and had someone come out and helpher fix that issue. Her computer is now freezing and locking up. She is onlyexperiencing this issues when plugged into her new modem with Comcast. Whenconnecting to the neighbor’s wifi it doesn’t freeze.

I tried looking into the event view and was notable to find anything that was connected to her issue except for "RealtekPCIe GBE Family Controller is disconnected from network." I was for sureit had nothing to do with the connection. But now I am starting to believe it.It is now only freezing, but before it was turning the computer completely off.At a few points it would turn the computer off and it wouldn’t turn back on.She has a dell and I contacted them. They wanted $300 just to send it in andlook at it because she doesn’t have any warranty...anyway, besides from thathere are some of the things I have done

-memory test in bios - all passed
-hard drive test from wd website (wd hard drive incomp) - all passed
-viewed logs and reset - unable to come up with solution.
EDIT: Malewarebytes just finished. nothing detected aswell

After view forms I have attached the seven formprogram logs and the cpu-z screenshot as well. If you need anything else pleaselet me know.

It wouldn't let me attach the seven folder or the resource and performance page. i loaded them into my drop box and shared the links here.

Thanks again for all of your help.
Josh and performance monitor.html

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I would call Comcast and let them know what the problem is. It could be their modem that is causing it. I have had a lot of trouble with Comcast and finally switched to another ISP. Have had very little freezing problems since the switch.

I'd agree with Sonny. Seems Comcast is the root of the problem. Either have them fix it, or get another service provider.

All the very best to your grandma - not that many seniors have the courage and efficiency to struggle with IT. :)