I don't understand "home folder" behavior under Win7 on a Windows domain

I am the sysadmin for a WS2k3 network at a small school. All users have a "home" folder on the file server mapped as their R: drive. (Additionally, for students I have redirected their "My Documents" folder to their R: drive.) Under WinXP it worked fine. But with Win7RC I'm starting to get complaints, and I've observed several odd behaviors myself with a test student account:

  1. In Windows Explorer, logged in as the test student, if I go to the R: drive and right-click, I don't see "New" there, so I can't create a new document, which I would have been able to do under XP. Furthermore, if I open WordPad and create a document and then try to save it there, it won't let me. But I can save it to "Documents", which turns out to be the same place. I understand why it's the same place, but I don't understand why it wouldn't let me save to my own "Home Folder"!
  2. In Microsoft Word (2003), I type a document and save it to the R: drive. No error messages. Word can be closed and the file is there and can be re-opened. But it is not available on any other computer as it should be. If I go back to that same computer I can re-open the file. If I examine the Properties of the file, under the Details tab it says "Offline Status: offline (needs sync)". What's with that?!?
How can I get Windows 7 to act the way it should be acting, so that files can be saved to the R: drive and will then be available from anywhere on the network??? BTW, using my administrator account, it all works the way it "should". Thanks for any help... - JR

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