I.E 8 32 bit on Windows 7 64 bit problem

Hi all,

I have a windows 7 64 bit installed on my laptop with both I.E 8 32 bit and 64 bit, everything was working fine for months until i installed I.E 9 beta which at first worked ok then whenever i run it the whole laptop freezes with the exception of the current Internet Explorer Screen so i uninstalled it and returned back to Internet exploer 8 but the problem still exists when i run I.E 8 32 bit and i have to wait for some time so the windows can return to normal or i have to log off the system, so i started to ran I.E 8 64 bit which worked O.K but it has some issues with Visual Studio 2010 debugger and it's annoying me, so can you help me with this I.E 32 bit issue because i have tried everything from cleaning to defragment to check error to uninstalling most softwares that i don't need and no luck

P.S: sometimes it just works without freezing but if close it and open it, it freezes again


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Have you checked for the latest graphics drivers updates? Also ensure your PC is defragmented and perform a malware/virus scan with Malwarebytes (www.malwarebytes.org).
While you're at it, check for addons in Internet Explorer that may be causing the issue, disabling any un-needed ones (as that will make Internet Explorer faster in general).

Does the problem only occur when running Internet Explorer?

Thank you for your reply:

1- Graphics driver is up to date

2- Pc is defragmented and checked with Malware and the problem still exists

3- I did that before but nothing changed

4- only in internet explorer 8 32 bit

if only i can make I.E8 64 bit a default browser (impossible) i won't be complaining but sadly i need the 32 bit version

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You might want to try and reset your browser. Worth a try.


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First thing i tried but no luck :razz:


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I am sure you probably tried this also. But have you done a system restore?

Yes i did a system restore before someone windows update i did but also issue still exists.

I think i found something when i run firefox then open I.E 8 32 bit the pc won't hang but if it was closed and run I.E it will hang, any ideas why would that happen?.

I will try to unisntall firefox and see what happens then


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I don't have any ideas on that. That is something new to me. Weird. I am sure someone here will have an idea why that happens.

I uninstalled firefox but the issue still exists


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Try to use your windows 7 repair disc. That might fix it.


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Have you tried running IE without add-ons.
Type Internet Explorer into the search box and select the third option from the top
See attachment

already did that also with no luck

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