I found "solved" in the 'prefix' folder, however not in the choices when a post is solved. How?


May 13, 2013
When I left the page to review solutions, I could not return to check other solutions.

Having the 'Solved' option in the prefix folder is only available when you create a post. Once the post is operational, "Prefix" is neither editable or available.

When I have a resolved post, I am unable to find a 'Solved' option to show a resolved post.

It would help people looking for solutions to find solved issues, if a 'Solved' entry could be entered into the subject or title of post box. It would also help the helpers avoid reading solved issues.:redface:


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Feb 7, 2009
This is by choice. Having the solved suffix available to be attached at any time may discourage further discussion in a thread. By making it available at the time of starting the thread, someone browsing may know a person has uncovered a fix for a specific problem which may further promote discussion.

Most people reach the site via keyword searches on Google or other search engines, where keywords such as "solved" that appear in a users post let a user know there is a potential fix.

For a more detailed explanation, PM the site owner (Mike).
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