I have a BIG Problem, and I need a big help .


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hi guys ..
good morning , afternoon , evening . whatever .!

here is my problem

since yesterday i couldn't open my website which is www.gamezer.com
on Firefox it give me a white page .! , and on IE it give me error and so is the Opera browser . ((so the problem is not with the browser )) .
and when i tried to open the same website from another computer on the same Network it doesn't open . (( so the problem isn't with my computer )) .
then i looked for a solution on net and i found out that when i use a proxy program such as Hotspot shield or cproxy on my same network the website open without any problem .. !
and when i use another network it open without using any proxy program .
i thought the problem is with my IP number so i changed it and it didn't work with me.

this is the first time n my life i face a problem with computers and i can not fix it
that's why i joined u guys hopefully u can help me about this huge stupid problem .

thank you very much and am waiting for respond .

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Just tried it and it opened for me. - No proxy. FF and IE. Try disabling your firewall(s) temporarily.


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Just tried it and it opened for me. - No proxy. FF and IE. Try disabling your firewall(s) temporarily.
i dont think thats is the solution cuz i open the same website but on another network .


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I am not sute I understand your answer, but if the firewall problem is the windows 7 Firewall, it will only apply to your computer, not the "network"


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You don't mention your network setup, but if the problem occurs with all computers from within your network, you will need to look either to a router that might have a anti-virus or firewall or need some ports forwarded, or maybe the Modem/Provider.

You are saying you took your computer to another network and it opened normally? Can you put a computer in the DMZ to bypass the router or bypass some other part of your network by wiring around?


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hi guys ,,
i made a video to make it clear , so u can understand what am facing here .

here is the link , tell me what u understand from this .. !

My Problem ..! - YouTube

and lol sorry for the song U_U

the radio was open :D

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