I have a Dell laptop. Its runs Vista. Last year, before I bought a Window 7 Product Code.......


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My Dell could not take higher upgrades (ie 2008 and above) and I ran the advisor and compatability wizard before I bought the Windows 7 upgrade. I have since purchased an HP Pavillion, so my need to install the Windows 7 was not so urgent. I am now wondering how I can now install this upgrade (even though it too is soon to loose technical assistance from Microsoft) as I cannot locate the code sent, showing my purchase. Any ideas - I need to go somewhere to try and install, then be queried (have you got a code etc, say yes but forgotten it; then be send details how to retrieve or be re-send this code). If I hadn't bought the code, I wouldn't be bothered now - other than I like my Dell and will be gutted when I can no longer use it (nothing wrong with it, just the upgrades to the Program!!!! My mind is thus: - I have bought the upgrade, so now want to access it - and cannot locate an email or a download, so must have received a code, written it down on a note, and lost it! Any help is appreciated. My Dell didn't come with Windows 7, so no disk. The program was purchased from Microsoft, as I said, last year. I am now used to Windows 10, but Dell cannot be upgraded to that! Shame! Thanks, in advance of any help.


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Well Windows 7 will be end of support so the laptop is still going to be obsolete in January. The only place you can potentially retrieve the license from is the place you purchased it.

If you have a techie friend I'd suggest having them install a Linux distro on it which works well on older hardware and will be supported for years to come.


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I am a Dell user, seven in the family. What model is it that you arr using? I have a Vostro, I think about 6 years old. It runs Windows 10, with todays latest update, perfectly.


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Can anybody help me iv locked my admin password i cant get past login screen i wanna get to Comend Prompt
I got 2nd hand laptop on windows 7 as im trying learn how use internet i also didt get a re-install disk im not confidant yet to make 1 its Dell Inspiron 1545 iav Thanks