I have concluded that this website is totally bogus.


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After posting my problems twice in the last five hours or so to seek at least a glimmer of help, I have concluded that this entire website is totally bogus and exists for the sole purpose of sending popup hover scam windows to anyone trying to gain useful information.


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Whatever floats your boat my friend.

Have a nice day.


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This site is not bogus. Your pop issues are from somewhere else and not from here. Get malwarebytes and run it in safe mode to clean whatever is doing it.


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I have spent a lot of time responding to your other posts.
That's time that I didn't spend with my family - and I didn't charge you a penny.

If you're too impatient to let us help you, then I suggest that you take your system to a PC shop and pay them to fix it. BTW - they won't fix it in an hour or two - so expect to be without it for several days.

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