I have problem donwloading from internet after Hibernate!

Every now and then, I have this problem that a download stream, is not shown until it has finished! This is unclear, so I give two examples:

  1. I want to watch a YouTube video; after I open the video page, I see only the black video screen and it will take as long as the video is fully loaded and suddenly I see the video which is loaded until the end. I also have firefox addons to download YouTube video; they used to let me download the file as soon as I opened the page and the video started downloading, but not they also wait until the whole video is loaded!
  2. This is other one is much much worse than the previous one: I add a download link (anything, e.g. a file with direct link) into my download manager, and the output message from download manager is "SENDING GET ...." but when I check the BW meter, I see that the download is actually started with a single part and windows does not understand it and this will continue until the whole file is downloaded and then download manager says the file was downloaded without showing any progress while downloading it (Download manager cannot even get the size of the file and it downloads it as if it was a stream). So there is no way for me to use multi-threaded downloading.
The workaround for this problem is for me to restart my laptop, and the problem goes away. But I don't like to restart my machine too often, since I always have a lot of programs opened, and always try to hibernate.
I am not 100% sure, but I think the problem will come again as soon as I hibernate my system.

Please help me solve this problem, I am using windows 7 ultimate.

Found the solution!

The problem was not related to windows, I tried to close Kaspersky Internet Security and the problem was gone!
But when I started KIS again, it started, but some of the protection items were locked and they could not be started.
Think I should report the bug to Kaspersky now!

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