I have Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit and want to...

I want to install Oregon Trail II. I have tried mounting the game using daemon tools and get this.
OT2.png OT3.png

Then I tried copying the files to a folder on my desktop, and then opening the setup file that way and got this

Then I tried right clicking the main .exe file and running the troubleshoot compatibility and tried clicking Windows 95, Windows 98, and the one it recommends Windows XP(Service Pack 2). All with no luck and getting the same error messages.
Is it even possible to play this game on windows 7? Please help!



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I don't know if this will actually work but here's a link to a site that says it can be installed following their directions.

Oregon Trail 5: Installing on Windows 7


So I am now trying to get Oregon Trail 5th edition to work. Just mounting the image and trying to play it does nothing...no menu screen or anything. But going into the files on the disc and running Setup32.exe in compatibility mode for Windows XP(Service Pack 2) it brings up the program like its going to work but doesn't. (See Taskbar in image)

The only thing to do from here is CTRL/ALT/DEL, task manager, where it is listed as "Not Responding" Clicking "End Task" produces this:
Then this :
Any advice?

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