I Have Windows 7.... I DON'T Want Windows 10..... Is Windows 8 a Good Choice?


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I Have Windows 7.... I DON'T Want Windows 10..... Is Windows 8 a Good Choice?
I would not particularly recommend it, as it was much of a hassle like Windows Vista was if you remember that. It's not that it is bad, but you would almost definitely have a better experience just upgrading to 10. But if you have no choice then it is an alternative.


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What don't you like about 10?

Windows 7 is no longer being supported; security updates and OS updates. There's nothing wrong with windows 8/8.1. If you like that tablet look and feel. You can make it look and feel like windows 7 with Classic Shell/Open Shell or from Stardock Start 8. I've used both and prefer Start 8 but is's $4.99. I liked it way better then Classic Shell...I did end up buying it.

That said....I would recommend Windows 10 over Windows 8.


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just to be clear, Windows 8 and 8.1 are different OS... of the 2 I like 8 better but 8.1 is more up to date and finding drivers will be less of an issue

I agree with zirkoni that if you don't want windows 10 then Linux is a better option


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I am using Windows 10 from last few months and just love it.

Windows 10 is fast, user friendly, and smooth so is you are using windows 7 currently then you will like it.

But if you do not like it then you can also go with windows 8 as its also more fast than Windows 7.


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Windows 10 is the best of the lot in terms of internals. Also, the others won't be updated in the long term.

To make it look like Win 7, use programs like Open Shell.

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It amazes me that folks who hated Windows 8 like Windows 10, citing the latter looks less like a tablet OS.
The new Windows 10 Start Menu with Live Tiles IS the Start Screen minimized.

I used Windows 8 as a desktop OS, and with Classic Shell, I have concealed the Start Screen and most Metro stuff, plus I have a Start Menu.

You can also use the Microsoft online Catalog to update Windows 8 with security updates from Server 2012. I've been doing this for six years now.

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Just to give you a glimpse of my desktop
New Windows 8.jpg