I know nothing abut tablets

I'm going to do some traveling and need the Internet and Idon't want to take my 7 pound laptop with me so I figure to get a tablet but don't want to send a fortune for it. All I'm going to do in look at houses on the Internet and check my email and I guess I can go to Starbucks to hook up to the Internet or at some ones house who has a router? Can anyone recommend atablet?


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If you want to go cheap look for a Pandigital, runs Andoid and does the basics, internet, music, etc.
Maybe a Nexus 7, Nook all inexpensive and would do what you want.


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Apple's iPad mini is also a choice, which costs around £269 for 16GB and WiFi, assuming you won't store many files.
If you want 3/4G, which let's you surf on the internet with no router for a cost, you have to pay 100£ more.

Apple's iPad mini is a little expensive, but you have the benefits of an easy-to-understand OS, and a huge app store.

If you only surf, I'd recommend the Pandigital as helpifican mentioned.

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