I lost all registries of my operating system

I lost all registries of my operating system while uninstalling "Utorrent toolbar" by using Iobit Uninstaller.
I uninstalled Utorrent toolbar by using Iobit uninstaller,it removed then I clicked on scan leftover items.And I deleted all letfover itmes but there were 5499 items.I lost these registries....Now some functions of OS not working properly:confused::confused:...
What I do??
Can I get these lost regestries??:confused::confused:


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Have you tried a system restore? Also the uninstaller should have made a backup copy of your registry before taking such a potentially dratic action - have you checked to see if you have a registry backup?

yes i tried to restore...but it seems error...your system setting are not restored successfully...


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If you have not rebooted, you might be able to use the "Last Known Good" option to replace the current registry with the older one.

You can get there by F8 during boot, or using the Install media/Recovery CD to select that option.

No wonder I always tell people to stay away from Utorrent. When these things 'break or destroy' the Reg you may have to try Repair from the OS disc & may even need to rebuild the OS.


I tried to repair windows by using repair disk...but its not repaired.I hate u "utorrent"...why u located my all regestries???
**** off!!!!

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On the rare occasion that I use Utorrent I have an old one that just runs from the exe and doesn't actually install.


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Have a look to see if you have this directory entry - should contain a registry backup from Iobit:

C:\Documents and Settings\<your username>\Application Data\IObit\Advanced SystemCare\Backup

Youy may need to goto control panel, folder options to show hidden files and folders to see them.

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