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I cruised by the HP Web Site the other day and found they had a new bios update for my computer. Downloaded it and ran it and thought so what. Wrong. It caused all kinds of BSODS. Problem was that it would not let the computer come out of sleep at all. Once out of sleep it would lock up nice and tight. Well, now until HP decides what to do, all I can use is the screen blanker and thats about it. Funny thing is, HP withdrew the update the day before yesterday. Guess I know why! Anyway, there's always the danger that something new will have problems. And I got bit big time by this one.


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Sorry to hear your having problems...
Can't you flash it again but with the old bios? Which by the way you should always make a copy of when asked but I guess it's easy to wise after the event.
I had a similar problem a while ago. Gigabyte had a new bios up for my old board ( or so I thought) so I flashed the bios with the new update and nothing... Eventually I got the old bios back working again but more by luck than design... So I thought well I must have done it wrong some how and tried to flash again... This time the board was well and truly dead and so i upgraded a few months early lol.


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Well I have learned as hard lesson on this one. Make backups before you do anything. You would think that HP would not remove a bios file from their web site without replacing it with an older one. While I am at it here, it was really a dumb piece of luck that I finally found out why I could not put my computer to sleep. Any way, for those who don't make backups here's a polite warning, you will lose if you don't!!!

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