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Hi Guys

I bought an iPad 3 today, I love the look and the display is unbelievable but...

I wish it had Windows 8 on it!!!

I know that in a week or two it will all make sense but right now I'd love to just log in and use Windows 8.

The operating system doesn't seem all that logical to me at this point.
For one thing it shows that I'm receiving a signal from Verizon all the time but no indication of my home network, so when my wife accidentally turned it off, I had no idea why she kept getting the can't connect to server message.

With Safari Browser, it makes a tab (quick link) for every web page I visit, but I can't figure out anyway to remove the ones I want to get rid of.

I installed Skype, it was my free app, and it works great, but I have to pay for all the stuff I can get for free on my PC.

My wife is using it right now, already browsing e-bay! LOL

Pretty nice though, she can take the pictures of the stuff she wants to sell with the same machine she uses to sell it. And the video that I shot looks good, haven't figure out how to edit it yet, probably have to buy another app for that.

I looked for a Windows based Pad but there really isn't an equivalent.
High end Windows pads cost more and do less.

I hope that once Windows 8 goes live there will be companies marketing some thing like the iPad that runs it.

Then I might buy one for myself and let my wife have the iPad on her own.

I miss Windows 8!
I wish it had Windows 8 on it!!!
Two things I never really expected to ever hear. Especially this soon.
I too am awaiting the arrival of the Windows 8 "Slate" but not the ARM version, HP and a couple other manufacturers are talking about a Core i5 (Quad) 11 inch screen, not sure how they are going to cool it but if it comes with a decent discreet video adapter, that's the one I'm going to want.
Hi Trouble

I,m posting this from my pad.
I'm getting used to it and my one handed typing is getting faster.

I do wish I could just install Windows on it and not have to relearn every thing.
I talked to my friend Paul for almost an hour on it using Skype, and it worked great.

I will be interested in getting another one that does run Windows eventually.

Then my wife can have total control of this one, but they are going to have to come up with an equivalent product.

At this point it's no contest.

We went to the Apple store at 11:00 on a Wenesday morning and there were a hundred people in there!

The rest of the mall was almost empty!

I should have bought Apple stock.

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