I moved the target where "All Programs" under the Start Menu points to. How do I fix?

A bit of background on my situation:

I recently installed Windows 7 Professional over Windows Vista Home Premium. A windows.old folder was created on my hard drive which stored all my previous files. Once the installation was complete, I moved all of my files back to where they should be. However, my program files (C:\Program Files and C:\Program Files (x86)) were not showing up in the "All Programs" list under the Start Menu. So in an attempt to remedy this, I opened the "All Programs" folder by right-clicking on it, right-clicked the Programs folder, then on the Properties Tab changed the location target to point to C:\Program Files. Unfortunately, this did produce the desired results. Each program folder lists ALL subfolders and files associated with that program (not just a shortcut to the program itself).

So how do I restore it back to the way it was? The original Programs folder is no longer there.

Also, if you know of the RIGHT way to have my programs appear in the "All Programs" list under the start menu, that would be much appreciated.

Thank you sir. I will try this and report back to you later!

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