I need a disk driver to start Win 7 Install

Discussion in 'Windows 7 Installation' started by ELPDave, Oct 23, 2009.

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    Oct 23, 2009
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    I recently bought a custom made machine off Ebay. The hard drive is a Western Digital Caviar Blue 750Gb SATA II 8.9ms 16MB cache. When I start Custom install for Windows 7 I am prompted for a Disk Driver so the install can see the drive. I couldn't find a driver for this HD on Western Digital's site. Do I need a specific driver for this HD or a general SATAII driver ? IS there a good site to download this? Any consideration would be appreciated.

    El Paso, TX
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    Sep 27, 2009
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    I'm running the same drive but I wasn't asked for a driver. I suspect your bios has the hard drive turned off or something ??? Can you go to your bios menu and see if the drive is identified? How about the advanced options when you go to a custom clean install that allow you to look at drives with Disk Manager? I always have to delete a partition because Win 7 creates a 100 mb partition for itself. I've just been installing windows 7 over windows 7 testing many things with an extra drive.
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    Any chance someone has turned on the RAID contoller. Could the drive be hooked up incorrectly like on the wrong controller? Are there any virtual drives on your system (check device manager)?

    I would wonder why someone sold the system unless maybe it wasn't working correctly.

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