I need a new windows 7 laptop

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    Hey, this is my first post and it is about me wanting to buy a new windows 7 laptop...
    My last laptop i purchased, i researched laptops for several months before buying a new one and it the end it wasn't what i expected and sold it after my first year in college. Reasons why were that it got way to overheated and the battery life sucked (2hours) and i bought it late 2008.
    I need help finding myself a new laptop and would like it if you guys helped me choose it; i have a few must have options:
    Better than 2.2Ghz Processor Core 2 Duo
    Around 6 hours battery life
    13-14inch screen
    under 1000$

    I dont care what brand but i dont what to get a netbook... Can you help me decide, thanks...

    Also i've been contemplating getting the new macbook pro 13 but i don't want to spend all that extra money as i could use it for a monitor, mouse, software, textbooks my tuition etc. but i might not have a choice as the mac has everything i want except for the Price Tag
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    Look for laptop deals with a lot of thumbs up in the hot deals forum at slickdeals.net AND read everything people are saying about it in the thread. I hate compaq... mine died 1 month out of warrenty and they wanted $400 to replace/fix it.

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