I need a software:(damage destination file on copy...)

hi friends
i really need a program that protect my files without using a blocker or write protect software
only change the destination file(corrupting it).




Yeah, nothing here either, ,but maybe more specific information on what exactly it is you're looking for? Eh?


only for deciving or fake copy
for example i have a file that another members can see it,if they want to copy them or ask me to copy it to their memories or flash or etc i cant reject them or say No! so such programs can save me!


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ok please explain step by step what you are doing
whats happening
what you are wanting to acheive

ok,my English is not have good gramer!
1 - imagine that a flash memory connected to computer.
2 - a picture or any data was opened from explorer.
3 - in this level when i want to copy file to flash memory , data of file before copying i want it changes ( for example all bits converts to zero) then this ZERO file with same size goes to flash memory.
4 - when i want to go normal mode ( or go to fake copy mode ) >>> require password

im using registry code of write protection that it makes computer safe in copy,but it not protect my files againts DVD Writer

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