I need help for this

after i installed win 7
This pops out . Can someone help?


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Do you need help backing up your system, or dealing with the message?

Windows 7 has utilities that checks and repairs the hard drive all the time. Whether it is getting a Smart type of error or some error its utilities are creating, not really sure.

I think I would back up my data to start with, then deal with the hard drive problem.

Having an image backup is always a good idea, if you don't already. Then if the drive does fail, you can just re-image your system.


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I would recommend that you run CHKDSK - start Windows, click Start button, and type chkdsk at the bottom + click "run the typed command". It will fix most problems.

The notification you receive most probably indicates a real problem. If you have a new computer / new disk, with warranty, I suggest you take it to the seller.

Best wishes.

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it says thAT D that doesn't have a problem but I don't trust this / :)

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