I need help!! my windows 7 don't find no 1 connection =( URGENT

Hi and thanks 4 see this, before i have installed windows 7 i have a perfect connection to internet but now i cant see no 1 connection.
its a connection by cable and the router model is D-Link Dir 655... i see that it's compatible with windows 7 but i cant find it....
help pleaseeeeeeee i dunno what should i dooo and im desesperated!!!!

Can you make sure you have a driver installed for your network card?. If you look under your Device Manager (just search Device Manager on your start bar) and verify that you have a network card listed under Network Adapters. If you do not, and have some Unknown Devices then you will most likely need to go find a new driver for your card.

That could be difficult if you don't have access to a machine with the Internet, but sometimes in a pinch, the Vista driver will work if you have the disk, at least enough to get you online to get the latest.

Hope this helps.. if not, please provide some more info, like what your IP configuration is, etc.

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