i need help please!! weird thing happend

Discussion in 'Windows 7 Help and Support' started by moka123, Jun 20, 2010.

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    Jun 20, 2010
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    alright so i just bought a new computer from futureshop, it is gateway. It came with windows 7. i downloaded some programs and played counter strike 1.6 when i quit the game all my open windows and programs running were off my desktop when i pressed the little icon at the bottom left corner it shows the program off my screen. i restarted my computer and it was still like that after a few days i tried to click the side of my screen where the window was and draged it back onto my screen (but that doesnt work everytime it could take me a while) is there a way to fix everything to make it so when i open counter strike it doesnt move everything to where i cant get it. or a way to fix it so i can fix where the windows go
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    I do not play counter strike, so it may not be a demanding game, but I usually shut down all my open programs when I do play some game.

    Have you tried changing the resolution in the game to see if it matters?

    Are you running multiple monitors or have your system set that way?

    If you hit Alt+Space M you can then move the windows with the arrows and the mouse should be tied to it also.

    If you think it might help, take a picture with the snipping tool and attach using the paperclip.
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    Have you attempted to readjust your screen resolution by chance? Simply so you can grab the window and move it where you need it?

    Could you post a screenshot?
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    Really sounds like the screen resolution problem, right click on your desktop -> change screen resolution, and try to adjust the screen resolution.

    What little icon at the bottom left corner are you talking about ?

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