I need some help on a error...

The message says Setup.exe-corrupt file then the real message as follows.
The file or directory x:\$WINDOWS.~BT\windows\system32\en-us\sechost.dll.mui is corrupt and unreadable . please run the chkdsk utility.
Can someone tell me how to fix it?:confused:

Joe S

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Did you run the Check Disk and did it show anything? You can also try running you can also open command prompt as administrator and type in sfc /scannow see if that helps. Is this a clean install or an upgrade? A clean install is always best.

No i didnt run a chkdsk. But it normally checks my disk on some startups so idk if thats actually it. I will try the command promt thing though. And i am doing a upgrade not a clean install.

Now drew im not sure how a malware would get on a file but i also dont think a system restore would work for it. And for the repair part i really dont know how to do that.

For both of you i have tried to upgrade twice and it did the same thing both times.
I will try one more time then try the suggestions if it fails.

wait what does that mean now???


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Can you open msconfig and post a snapshot of what you have running under the startup tab?
It seems odd, that on startup, the OS is trying to read a deleted ($Windows ) folder.


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Uncheck everything in msconfig except for your anti-virus software.

Why? And what will it do to help the windows 7 upgrade error i got?


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Well, it will clean up and speed up your computer and one of those startup apps may be causing the problem.

Ok i will try the upgrade again tomorro. But some nd them i will start after the upgrade if this works. And which one nd them do you think is causing a problem.


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Almost automatically, thirdparty software puts an item in the startup sequence. They are almost entirely uneeded. They remain installed, of course, and all can be started manually, on demand. As reghakr says, the only essential is the anti malware program, I am sure you will notive a significant improvemnt in your start up time and the use of resources, if you follow the advice.


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jdownloader doesn't look that good,. especially since it';s starting from the c:\users path.

You simply don't need all that junk loading with Windows.

I would perform a "clean" install,. not an upgrade or your pron;ems will just carry over.

However, you will need to re-install all your 3rd party applications.

I will stop them and i hope the upgrade will work rak.
And reg im trying to upgrade from vista to windows 7. But if the upgrade doesnt work this time then i will do a clean install

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