I need to solve makes the Notepad in Windows 7 deals with hyphen such as Notepad in Windows xp

We are in Saudi Arabia and we use Arabic calendar.
We use database application and view date as text like that '25-09-1432'
In windows xp this text appear '25-09-1432' if you use left to right direction and appear '1432-09-25' if you use right to left direction
The problem in win 7 now this text appear '25-09-1432' even direction left to right or right to left; as you now in Arabic language the direction from right to left so we need this text appear like that '1432-09-25'.
Thank you for reading.
  1. You can test this problem in notepad application.
  2. When use underscore('_') instead thane hyphen('-') the text appear in a good way. But we need this text appear with hyphen.

I need to know this problem come from windows seven itself or from Arabization file please show me to solve this problem


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I have no way to check for a solution to your problem, but I might suggest you open the Help and Support section. Search for date and option 2 may be a how to "Change the display of dates......". Perhaps something there might help.

Thank you Saltgrass
The problem is not with date, but the problem with digital text with a sign "-" (hyphen)


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