I/O Error 32?

For some reason, at random, a little information box will pop up, saying I/O Error 32, and all I can do is press 'OK'. But if I don't, it pops up with the box multiple times and doesn't stop.

Could anyone tell me what could possibly be causing this? It's starting to get annoying.

Thank you!


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Always a chance some malware or virus is at work. Have you scanned lately and what did you use?

If not, do you have some device, or network location your system is trying to access or some program that is running?

I actually recently checked my system for viruses/malware and it said it came up with nothing. I doubt it's trying to access anything, but it could be a program, just have no idea what program it might be.

EDIT: I used AVG, btw.

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It would seem that you try to pick a file with one application that is reserved by another application. Check what applications you're dealing with when this happens. Not disastrous, I think. Annoying, maybe.

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