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Windows 7 I open port. But can't access port!


New Member
May 27, 2009
Hi friends!

I just installed Windows 7 and AVG Free edition. I want to open port 1666 to allow connections from the internet to use Perforce. I think everything is correctly setup because I can access the local machine using localhost:1666.

I opened the ports in Windows Firewall (in/out) but I can't access it...for example telnet myip 1666 doesn't work.

Any ideas what can be causing my problems? Thanks!!!
Hello and welcome,

Can you telnet to any site?

If not, go to Control panel > Programs and Features, click the Turn Windows Features on or off an place a check in the box for telnet as it;s not installed by default.
Yes, telnet works on other ports...for example... "telnet external_ip 80" works
So when you installed perforce, it probably added the telnet client by default?

Have you tried added the application to the list in Windows Firewall?

Does it require addition Internet extensions such as those listed under Internet Information Services under Option Features