I think there is some type of permission issue with my laptop

I have a dell XPS 14 model L501X with windows 7 home premium sp1 64 bit version. No harddrive partitions, only C.The problem is that nothing can be installed from anywhere other than C:/ or else it says failed to launch installer. I have only one user account which is administrator(obviously). And I suspect, I keep getting the same 2 updates for windows everyday, because that also fails to get updated.
more examples-
1.I play bf3 and it is unable to update punkbuster automatically, nor does it allow to do that through the software on evenbalance.com, so I can't play it anymore.
2.VLC player builds font cache everytime etc.
3.I have connectify which is unable to update because it also cannot access or something fails
4.Also I use a software(dukto) to transfer files between my computers int the local network and it also can't store the received files other than downloads(this is just an example, no software like chrome, firefox or anything else can download it anywhere other than downloads).


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Try a restore back to before this started.

It was always like that.

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