I want my programs to open up in my window. MS stop sucking.


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Win7 has a about 50-75 problems, yet instead of MS spending time fixing it, they made an even worse OS (win8). MS trolling us?

....Why is it so hard for win7 to open up applications in the active window? Its the window im using, its the window that launched the app, yet MS feels the need to open up the app in a misc window with an app that I cant easily move over (aka: either a TV that is off, or a projector that is off)... WTF? Open my god damn stuff in the god damn window that I launched it from. how hard is that? WTF? I cant even begin to imaging what MS was thinking.

Stupid ms programmer idiot 1: Hey, lets have apps open up in whatever window that they were last open in.
Stupid ms programmer idiot 2: Ok, um sure that wont ever cause issues.
Stupid ms programmer idiot 1: I cant imagine how it can

Its funny, I used to always defend MS at all cost. At one point I even indirectly worked for MS. Now I have so much anger towards them.


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I am so sorry.


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Ive indirectly worked for MS before (vista tech rep when it launched), so I am not sure how much (if any) contact you have with MS programmers... but if I could only change one thing in MS vista, win7, and win8: The option to disable auto refreshing in folders.... This drives me crazy and makes my life difficult.

There are hundreds (or thousands) of people who complained about this all over the internet. So im sure MS knows about this problem... There have even been technet discussions that have been closed by MS from people requesting this... So the million dollar question: Why doesnt MS give us the option to disable auto sorting? How does it benefit MS to make so many customers angry?

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