i want to knoe hoe I can restart my whole computer in the state that I bought it in


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hey guys I wanted to know hoe I can restart my whole computer all the files deleted ect. from my computer I don't want to buy program of something like that. I have windows 7



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How Did You Get Windows 7 ?

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If you bought the program, use a disc or a download. If it's an upgrade you'll have to run the original operating system, say "Vista" and then upgrade again. Of course, you probably made a disc when you put it in with "System Restore" or a program like "Acronis True Image". It all depends on what you have done or intend to do. A clean install if you do not wish to preserve any data or programs etc, but you would need to re-install drivers. A great deal of trouble....

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Well if you bought from a big maker with Windows 7 installed like Dell or HP there is probably a partition with a disk image on it. This will restore it to new condition. Anything installed after will be gone. Not quite sure how to access it you'll have to do a little searching.

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