I want Win7 to NEVER use any view but details view


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I HATE the various icon views. I'd like Win7 to ONLY use details view. It's annoying when Win7 reverts to icon view when I'm saving a file, or when I'm inserting an image in Word.

Where can I tell Win7 to use only details view at all times and in all situations?



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Go to any folder. Adjust the settings you want (such as detaild view, sort order, size of columms). Press Alt. Press Tools (in the top of the windows). Press folder options. Press view. Press "Apply to folders"


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Thanks for the reply, Annon. But I've done all that.

First, it doesn't "stick"; usually the next time I go to one of the folders I did this on, it has reverted to one of the dreaded Icon views.

And this doesn't change how Word (and probably other Microsoft programs) default to icon view (and the useless My Pictures folder - but that's another issue).

I'd like to completely disable all the icon views, once and for all, in one action, so that no programs
see them as a view option.

Maybe that's just not possible.

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