I will not be buying Windows 8...

After watching this walkthru of Windows 8, I will NOT be buying it or installing it on my computer. I absolutely HATE Windows 8. Watch it for yourself.....

Why Windows 8 Scares Me - YouTube


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Maybe it's an age thing, I'm not sure yet. I don't have an issue with Windows 8, but I'll tell you why:

The reality is, people hate change. You're going to hate it, until you accept it and get used to it. I love it. Why? Because it's similar to Windows Phone 7/Zune, which is a product I've been using since it's launch, in October 2010. If I was completely new to the concept, I might not like it. But I'd accept it, find something I like about it and learn to appreciate it. :)

It seems older people aren't too fond of the metro interface. Strange considering they're usually the ones complaining because they can't see content on the screen ;)

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Mitchell_A hit it right on...people are afraid of change. This was the case with 64 bit computing, which has been with us since the early 2000's (2002-2003), but it took the release of Windows 7 in 2009 (6 to 7 years after availability) to make it the "norm" for most users. The switch was really no big deal, only that some users has reported that 16 bit programs (from when....the Clinton era?) won't run on 64 bit computers.

It's going to be the same with Windows 8 at first. But those of us who took the dive from Day 1 (02/29/12) & have ran it daily since, knows the good that Windows 8 will offer. Lowered CPU usage, no more of that Aero crap (required for Vista/Windows 7), which was also a resource drinker.

Windows 8 computers will be "greener" ones, the OS will not be "power hungry", and the OS will run easily on the many cookie cutter, low spec computers that was put out with the release of Windows 7, which was also touted to be "greener", but nothing compared to Windows 8 CP & RP offers in power management.

Windows 8 computers will also startup faster than previous versions, taking into consideration all other factors are equal. For those with SSD's, there is an intentional delay, beginning with 8 RP, to allow the user to access boot options or get into the BIOS at startup. This was not the case with CP. Also, beginning with RP, the "NX" technology, a security feature, is being enforced, meaning that non-NX equipped computers won't see Windows 8 RP or Retail, unless a BIOS update can add it to the computer. NX has been with us for years, just not enforced.

Plus there are many Metro Apps that works quite well with Win 8 RP, something for most everyone. There's even a "Tom's Hardware" app listed, where many PC enthusiasts visits.

There is one big difference, that the lack of a Classic (or should I say "ancient") Start Menu. While this is no big deal to me, the Desktop can be accessed with one mouse click, & there's 3rd party software for those who "must have" a old timey Start Menu.

Start Menu 7

Once the OS becomes more popular, there will probably no doubt be other 3rd party Start Menu software offered.

One last thing, the Windows 8 user will have an AV/AM app built in right out of the box with Windows Defender, which is NOT to be confused with the versions of WD on Win 7, Vista & XP. Of course, the user can still disable WD & install the security software of his/her choosing.

Just a few thoughts to throw out there, after all, this is 2012, this will be the 1st version of Windows released in this decade. Come 01/13/2015 (less than 3 years away), Windows 7 users will be in the very same boat that XP users are in right now, less than a year after end of support for XP. Yes, the very same boat, just waiting to be kicked to the curb.

Not to mention that support for the current SP1 will expire on 04/09/13, w/o even a beta version of SP2 being rumored, let alone in place. SP2 for Windows 7 will have to be rushed to be in place by that date, or Windows 7's users won't have a supported SP.

Source for Windows 7 support lifecycle:

Microsoft Product Lifecycle Search


You guys haven't convinced me one bit. Windows 7 is working fantastic for me. All my software and hardware is working great. I can't say that'll be the case with Windows 8. I've heard that Windows 7 would be supported till 2018 or 2020, which is plenty for me. So maybe then I'll consider an upgrade.


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And there's nothing wrong with that, as Windows 7 will be supported at least until 01/14/2020, perhaps the OS will be granted an extension, just as XP received. But don't count on that.

Still, that's 7 & a half years away, so you'll be in good company. Hundreds of millions of users so. Windows 7 is the new XP, which shares 2 traits of that OS. Popularity & longevity, Windows 7 will probably be like XP in that respect, many users will hold on until the dear end, & probably afterwards.

Windows 7 will serve it's users for many years to come. So far, the best OS that MS has released. We'll have to await the verdict on Windows 8, as it (the Retail version) hasn't been released yet. It'll take a year or so afterwards to see how it goes, but one thing notable, twice as many has downloaded Windows 8 Beta versions compared to Windows 7. So there is definitely interest in the OS.


I looked at it in the above video and saw enough that I don't like to have no more interest in it at all. I didn't see one thing about W8 that I liked, not one.


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I looked at it in the above video and saw enough that I don't like to have no more interest in it at all. I didn't see one thing about W8 that I liked, not one.
You must have had some interest in it, or otherwise why go through the effort of creating this thread?

Or is the purpose of this thread designed to be a propaganda effort to discourage other members/viewers from even trying out the beta OS? Just as the media in general has been doing.


Of course I had interest in it, just like I did for Windows7 before it came out...I was a beta tester for W7 too remember ?? I took one look at W7 and loved it right away. I took one look at W8 and hated it.

No I'm not writing propaganda, I have nothing to win or lose either way. So I don't care what you do with your computer, I'm just stating that I don't want it. Maybe MS will then come out with a better program for W9. As far as I'm concerned though, W8 is a blowout.


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How can it be a "blowout" before it is even Retail? Fortunately, you did state that this is your opinion, which you are entitled to. I'll never deny free speech to anyone.

So tell us, just what is it that makes you feel that way? Have you tried using Windows 8 RP for just one day, & not within a VM? I know that you have extra HDD around, as you had another computer before the one you now have. Most of us has at least one spare, an old one is fine, I'm running it on an old WD 40GB HDD with good results.

I do plan to keep my Windows 7 Pro x64 install on my notebook bought last year, but my desktop was built in 2009, & is nowhere near as powerful as my notebook. Which makes it a perfect candidate for Windows 9. One doesn't need a powerhouse computer to run Win 8 CP/RP on, just meet some basic specs, which most modern computers (netbooks being an exception) has. The critical spec being that the computer monitor has a minimum resolution of 1024x768, but 1366x768 is optimal for all features to work.

So tell us, what gives you the impression that Windows 8 RP is "a blowout"? This should make for an interesting discussion.


Just watch the above video, I agree with the guy completely, this is not intuitive software. It looks like it's just a big pain in the butt. I don't like the idea of having to search for this and that, I hate the looks of it, I hate the fish, I hate the boxes....I'll be happy to keep W7 for years.


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In the grand scheme of things, the only major difference is the start menu being over-hauled to a metro interface, which among offering users additional ways to use their computer, still has all the same functionality of the Windows 7 Start menu. I stand by my statement.


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That video was total BS, from beginning to middle (I couldn't stand to watch any more, as this was a put on). For starters, he was acting as though he didn't know how do get past the opening screen (where the time & date is). I figured this out in no time (faster than he was acting), the "Enter" key moves one to the login screen.

I would hope to think that our regular members & visitors has enough intelligence to see beyond this, it's an act, whoever it is more than likely doesn't even use Windows as his regular OS. Probably a Mac or Linux user. In any case, he obviously pointed out what he wanted to, & didn't really seem to be pushing the good.

If this video is why Windows 8 is going to be a "blowout", then it has failed to convince me.

I was hoping to see some real debate here, but a single YouTube video that's heavily biased isn't going to sway my opinion one way or the other. Perhaps this YouTuber should take some acting classes, as he sure needs to badly.

Windows 8 will turn out to be a fine OS. It's all in the attitude of the user as to whether or not learn Windows 8. After all, one must learn new techniques to do their jobs from time to time. Does that cause 90% of it's workforce to walk out the door? Of course not.

One of the great attributes of the human mind is that it can adapt to change with little trouble, provided the person has no disorder of the brain. We all have to adapt to life & it's changes all the time. Computing is no exception to the rule. One can easily learn this OS if he/she wants to.

It's all in the mindset of the individual.


His acting or words didn't convince me of anything. I just looked at what the program looked like and almost threw up. I absolutely hate the fish, the choral, the boxes, the control panel...I hate the idea that you have to be trained to use it.... after seeing it, I don't want anything to do with it. I'm sick and tired of MS coming out every two years with a "gotta have" new OS. It's not necessary to me but it must be for their bottom line to train the population to think they need a new OS every other year...It's ridiculous !!! You have to remember, MS is a business who thrives on making money, they have shown that no matter how much they make, they still want more and more and more...They've got billions of dollars and now they want more ?? How about a few free OS's instead ?? Even if W8 was free, I still wouldn't want it !! I hate it !!!!! That metro page looks like a kintergarden alphabet blocks kid's toy. Bletch !!!!


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djwayne, look, MS isn't changing Windows for the sake of change, they're changing it to keep up with the competition & to "keep in tune with the times". Steve Jobs had to do the same at Apple years ago. No, it wasn't popular at first, but look at Apple now.

If one doesn't care to see that fish, it can easily be removed by adding a theme of their own. The Control Panel can be pinned to the Taskbar. The Tiles are the same as the shortcuts on the desktop, click onto them to access a particular app.

If you're looking for a "free OS instead", look no further than Linux. MS is a for-profit corporation which has to balance between keeping their shareholders & customers happy. Quality OS & computer engineers & other staff normally don't work for free. It costs a lot of money to accomplish this.

If you don't like Windows 8, fine. Don't run it. No one has a loaded gun to your head (I hope) forcing you to use it. It's as simple as that. None of the content in this thread has changed my mind one way of the other. Seems to be more of a rant than anything to me.


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I not looking for a free OS, I have W7 that I bought and paid for. It'll be fine for many years to come. I don't want to be bothered with another OS at this time. I looked at W8 with an open mind, and I just hated what I saw. You do what ever you want, I don't care.


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You'll be "bothered with another OS" whenever you need a new computer. And there will be more Metro Apps, Tiles & Charms than ever. It'll be harder to learn then than now, it's your choice.

Anyway, like I said, Windows 7 will serve you for years, take extra care of your Dell, it may last through then.

See you in the next decade! I'm outta here.



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"MS is a business who thrives on making money, they have shown that no matter how much they make, they still want more and more and more.."-djwayne

And is not the company that you work for the same way? Any company with intelligent management at the top is shooting for that same goal...otherwise, how can you expect a paycheck with benefits each payday? As well as raises & no short time/layoffs. That's simple economics. I can't fault any company for that.

And those YouTube videos are getting sillier every time you post one.


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Hey, 'dj'

We got it, you don't like what you have not used but, only watched some obviously bias video about it. Did you ever notice if you bash something you get attention? Anyway, neither he nor you seem to know Windows8 very well.

Point is, if you want to stay w/ 7, go right ahead. There is, certainly, no obligation to switch to 8 in October.

But, omitting repetition, how bout you just stay QUIETLY w/ 7 (which is, indeed, a very good OS). Some folks who know Win8 is far from the terrible thing you think it to be don't gain anything from you telling us over & over how bad you think it is.

Plus, this is a forum for Windows7, anyway... Win8 discussion is elsewhere.


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I hate the looks of it, I hate the fish, I hate the boxes....I'll be happy to keep W7 for years.
In all fairness, the fish is the Windows Beta Fish which has appeared in numerous iterations of their beta/alpha releases and will be gone during release time, but I get your point... the whole release seems a bit "fishy", and not so many of us are excited about it as Drew. Interesting, around this time with the Vista release, there was also a XP Service Pack release coming out... guess the marketing team crunched that idea for awhile.

But, rhetorically, if Windows 7 truly doesn't need SP2 yet, why does it need an entire upgrade? Hmm ...

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